Connection Groups & Prayer Groups
at  Faith Church

All of us need to connect with a group of people moving forward in our faith.  The Scriptures are filled with “one another” statements that encourage us, and express a need to be in community with one another.  Here are some options and information if you have a desire to connect in a smaller group setting.

15B4:   This group meets on Sunday @ 9:15 AM in the Prayer Room (by nursery)

Parents & families:   This group meets on Sunday evenings @ 6 PM at the Hendershot’s home (2481 E. Stafford Place). Teens are taken to Youth Group if they desire to go.  For information, contact [email protected]

M & M’s:   This over 50+ group meets every other Tuesday from 6:30 - 8 PM.  Contact Jim Boys at [email protected]  or  765-318-8162 for information

Ladies of Faith:   This Bible study meets on Tuesdays. For information contact Crystal Chandler at [email protected] or 765-620-2551

Acts 29:    This diverse group is for anyone of any age.  The group meets regularly on Sunday evenings at 5 PM.  Contact Josh @ 901-828-8449 or Sarah Clark @ 317-694-2952 for information 

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